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Dazed and Confused: Moving beyond the Historial Jesus


Risen in the Life and Love of God

My brothers and sisters in our risen Christ, today we finally get to start celebrating.We get to celebrate for fifty days!Did you know that?Easter Sunday is the first day of 50 days of celebration of our risen Lord!It is a season, not just a day.
There is good reason for this.Just like the apparent confusion about Jesus’ empty tomb by Mary, Peter and the beloved disciple, we need time to digest the gravity of the events that have just taken place from Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.Thus, let us feast on today’s gospel. First we have Mary who discovers an empty tomb and to her terror she believes that the body of Jesus was taken away or stolen.So she rushes off, in her confusion, to tell Peter and the beloved disciple the atrocity that has been committed.
Now you must understand, Peter and this other disciple were not sprinting to the tomb of Jesus because they believed something good was happening, they too like Mary, were concerned that the body of the historical Jesus had…