Fundraiser for Men's Spiritual Wellness Retreat

Fundraiser – Men’s Spiritual Wellness Retreat – Fundraiser
Living Life on Life’s Terms

As the ministry of ICPM flourishes within the inner city community a special direction is taken to support more fully men in their spiritual journeys.  Month by month 15 – 20 men gather for fellowship, share the struggles and joys of their life journeys, and  explore together the strengthening aspects of the practice of spirituality when applied to one’s personal life.

The culmination of this year-long activity is the annual retreat held at the Star of the North Retreat Centre, St Albert.  The reflections offered at the retreat echo the archetypical themes of a life journey, and envision the movement across thresholds of change, change that in many cases is more desirable due to the lived experience of the chaos and loss created by addiction and addictive behaviours.  As the Men Spiritual Wellness Group meets, the challenge is to continue, with God’s help, to move through the doorways of healing and reconciliation, advancing into lifestyles of intentional recovery. Rethinking life choices participants are ensured physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  Life in the Spirit – A beautiful blossoming!

A participant writes … “Thank you! The first thing is – the Retreat is a blessing place. When I was there, I had a different feeling in my body. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was.  My heart is clear now.”

The cost per person for the weekend retreat is $200.  Each participant is asked for a small offering if they are able. The main cost of the retreat is carried by individual donors who wish to support one or two persons who will attend either the Men’s Spiritual Wellness Retreat, Living Life On Life’s Terms - 2017.  If you wish to support this valuable ministry please send your offering of support to:

·         Inner City Pastoral Ministry 10527 96 St NW, Edmonton AB, T5H 2H6 … or donate through …
· . 

A note of thanks and a tax receipt will be issued!

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