Great to be sick at home, when you have a home

This week I have nothing exciting to blog about as I was down for the count.  Knocked out by a flu and allergies, I had met my match and waved the white flag.  As I was throwing back the Neo-citron chasers, and watching Netflix on my laptop, I realized that I was very blessed and lucky to have four walls around me, a roof over my head, and heat and electricity to keep me warm and in the lap of luxury until my temporary illness faded off into the sunset.  It is nice to have a home to be sick in and the technology to have pizza delivered to my door while I type these thoughts out to you.

For many who I serve at Inner City Pastoral Ministries, the same can not be said.  I have many people who suffer way worse illnesses in places unfit to live in or they are homeless.  Struggling to find warmth on the street outside in -20 to -30 weather is absurd when healthy, but to hide away in the tunnels of the LRT while sleeping on cold concrete while the body aches for comfort and warmth, is a struggle most of us do not have to endure, thankfully.  

Even the shelters, albeit they are warm, are just 1-2 inch mats put on the ground with around 400 other people around you.  When your sick, it is an impossible situation.  No wonder the community I serve gets irritable some times at us.  

There are no comfy beds, tv's to entertain you, a dog (in my case) to snuggle with, or family and friends to make you soups or warm drinks.  The human touch isn't there.  Yet, my friends, who I am honored to serve, not only survive they do it for years without complaint nor desiring sympathy.  

It makes me think, it is easy to be sick at home...when you have one that is.  

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